Deirty Hugo
The Taste Of Sin by Kirina Pt.1

Rating: PG-13

Paring: Agent Smith/OCF

Category: Action/Romance

Warning: The story has strong bad language use and violence.

Notes: I would thank to Faith who is also my Beta for helping with the writing of the story


Beta: Faith

Disclaimer: I do not own Agent Smith who is part of the Matrix movies. No money is it made for the story and I had written it for the personal enjoyment and the enjoyment of the others. The character Cyn is my own creation so I have right to keep her as mine on.

Summary: When Cyn decides to make a offer to the Agent Smith for her personal safety she did not know that choice will seal her fate and make her to taste the sin of the forbidden love.


Time Line: A year before Neo's unplugging

Cyn, young woman with the natural red-gold hair and eyes colour of expensive emeralds gazed as the figure of the Agent known as Smith glided toward the cafe where she was seated alone. She wore black leather jumpsuit and long trench coat the style of any rebel and refused to have any contact with any of the people presented here.

She knew why she was here. She was about to make a deal with the Agent in the exchange of her personal safety. If he falls for it she might access the classified files and help the hackers that were in trouble to be unplugged from the Matrix. Cyn watched him walking slowly toward the cafe. He was tall six feet at least making her 5,7 height to look even smaller at his presence, but she did not mind. It was the skill and way to fight that counted. Smith made his way in the cafe his sunglasses glancing around until they rested on her. He barely heard the waiters and moved in the direction of her table. Cyn reached for her gun lowering it to seat next to her as she watched his every move.

"Miss Macleod, so we meet again."

"Did you get my package?"

"Yes, thank you, I never believed that you would betray your position and make a deal with me."

"You can say that." She spoke coldly.

"Alright then, I guess you have what I want and I have what you want."

"That is it right."

Before she could say anything else, a hand came grasping her throat squeezing her air supply.

"Now that we are agreed, you can start talking. Tell me everything you know about Hades and I shall spare your life."


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