Deirty Hugo
The Taste of Sin by Kirina Pt. 2

CH:2- Start Talking

Cyn had not suspected this would happen. He had caught her completely off guard and the grasp on her throat was not that pleasant at all. She tried to break away from his grasp but damn he was too strong he would not let go of her willingly.
"All right.... let go..." She gasped for air as her face was turning a dangerous shade of white.
Smith smirked. He loved to see humans squirm in his grasp, but something about this woman made him to change his mind. The fire of the independence and hatred in her green eyes too pale for his taste but still drew a lots of attention to begin with. He glanced over her figure for a moment before letting her go.
She was slender like a china doll, face too pale and eyes and hair that was too bright carrot-gold was not his taste at all. She was very different to Trinity who was too cold but this one he knew possessed the fire behind those cold eyes. He could almost taste it and he wanted to taste it like he had tasted her fear right here. He allowed his eyes to run down her body the outline of the bosom in the tight leather, slender waist and long legs. She was a morsel to the human male but not for him as he was a program. The smell that he found so poisonous around his enemies was absent, she had sweet one an almost intoxicating scent of honey. Having enough of her gazing he let go off her throat causing her to tumble down from her chair to the floor gasping for air.
"Miss Macleod, please you are making a scene. I have not hurt you that badly have I?" He sounded so sarcastic in her ears.
" You are bastard you know that Smith." he met the gold green flames of the eyes.
"Start talking. I have no patience to wait."
"Careful Smith perhaps you might end without the information you seek."
She was threading him. Smith could not believe it and she was enjoying it very much. He hated games and she was now doing it so easily. He could see it.
"Miss Macleod why are you here really? I am not sure you are just here to strike the deal or are you here because you are attracted to me?"
"What the hell? I rather kill myself before I admit that I am attracted to you."
"You can not hide it, humans are so easily controlled by the hormones and desires. It is so easy I can see it in you like I am looking into the mirror. You hate me so much and at the same time you are curious or should I say you wanted this to happen to be seduced by an Agent."
"Go the hell, Smith!" she hissed getting very annoyed now.
Cyn watched in the confusion as the Agent leaned over the table ignoring the glass of the water next to her. She knew if she tired to run he would kill her before she even made her move. Smith seemed to feel her curiosity and fear as well.
"Remove your sunglasses."
"You heard me, remove your sunglasses. I want to see your eyes."
Agent was taken back by her sudden outburst. She was one annoying virus, but Smith knew he could control his anger. It was not the time. Slowly he removed his sunglasses and gazed back at her. His eyes were cold, emotionless and above all unearthly icy-blue. Cyn was taken back by his eyes. Though they were beautiful but they were the eyes of the program designed for two things: search and destroy.
"You eyes are beautiful, I always thought they were blue but not that bewitching blue."
"Beauty means nothing to me." was his reply.
Nothing seemed to change in the passive stone of his face. She swallowed hard wanting to run away and blow her cover.
"There is it no need for you to run. And if you do where would you hide? Back in your real world where you cannot escape your desire for me when you wake up with my name on your lips. Do not tell me you want to stay here?" His voice was liquid velvet and her breath grew short.
She was falling under his spell, he knew it very well. He did not need the drugs to crack her mind open; all he needed was a simple method, which the humans referred to as seduction. His hand came forward and never leaving her eyes he reached and touched her face trying to memorize her structure. Her skin was soft as a petal or was it silk? It was hard to tell. Moving his hand lower brushing over her jaw line he let it slip down her throat that he had been holding in his deadly grasp a moment before to the top of her chest to trace the tips of his fingers over the exposed skin.
Cyn was melting and yet she could not do anything to stop him. Another hand came to caress her shoulder and down her arm as his right remained upon her chest. He almost could feel her raging heartbeat. Cyn wanted to move away from him but she could not look away from his blue eyes that were the mirrors of her desire for him.
"I know you want this..." Smith spoke again breaking the silence and tension between them.
No longer in the control of her actions and body movements her arms came up against her own will wrapping around the Agent's neck. When the kiss finally came, she surrounded herself to him without any resistance.
Smith smirked at this. She was giving herself completely to him and he knew it was so easy to control the humans. He moved his lips down to her throat feeling the pulse raging beneath her skin. This human tasted so delicious and felt soft  silk. He could not get enough of her.
"Please...." she gasped unable to control herself no longer.
"Please what?"
"I want you, damn it Smith! Can't you see it?"
"We can not finish our "talk " here. Come with me." Smith stood up and slipped the sunglasses again upon his face offering a hand to her.
For a moment she hesitated but then she took it and she allowed him to lead the way wherever he might go.


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