Deirty Hugo
The Taste of Sin by Kirina Pt.3

CH:3- Price of Pleasure

"Never send a human to do machine's job." Smith retorted as they walked out from the cafe.

Cyn spoke nothing wondering what they were waiting for then she saw the black sedan approaching with the tinted windows to stop right before them. Smith opened the back door and spoke to her.

"Get in," and she had no other choice but to accept it.

Slipping inside of the car she found herself seated in the brown leather seat. Focusing her eyes before her she found herself greeted by other two Agents.

"Only human," was all that Agent Jones spoke before they turned around and focused their attention on the road.

Cyn gave him a dirty look but said nothing focusing her eyes on Agent Smith as he slipped inside to have a seat next to her. The doors were shut and the same the locks were set in just in case she tried to escape and the car began to move. Next to her, Smith remained motionless like a statue but she knew he was very much alive and communicating with other two using the ear-phone.

*What are you planning to do with her?* came Agent Brown words.

*We can use her. She has information we need.*

*She won't talk, there is it no way you can make a rebel to betray his order.*

*There is it the way.*

*Like what?*

*It is something that the humans know as the patience. If you want

to get the pleasure you must get through the pain first and with her, there will be no exception.

*What are you talking about?*

*You will see.*

* I better get the serum prepared.*

* It won't be necessary.*

The car came to stop and now when she was finally allowed to get out she was standing outside of the government building. Agent Smith grabbed her arm and led her inside following closely by Brown and Jones. As the slipped inside she could see that the entrance was heavily guarded by the security guards and that it would not be that easy to get out.

Aboard the Vulcan in the real world.

"Sir?" Aries the dark haired man turned from the computer screen that displayed the codes of the Matrix.

Hades turned around to look at the operator who was staring back at him his blue eyes focusing at Cyn lying still strapped in her chair.

"We have a problem. They are keeping her inside of the building. She is heavily guarded. They are about to probe her mind."

"She is strong and I am sure she will not break down. She will pull through and get out."

"I know that Sir, but if she does not make it?"

"She will make it. I know she will. With all the pain the price of the pleasure will come soon." Hades brushed the loose strands of her red-gold hair. " Do not disappoint me, Cyn. I know you can do this. I am counting on you."


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