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The Taste Of Sin by Kirina Pt. 4

CH:4- Why are you here?
 The elevator's door slid open and Smith still having a steel grip on her, led her away down the hallway into the interrogation room. Cyn looked around thinking that it seemed more like an office to her because of the large table standing in the corner where Agent Jones moved to sit.

Smith led her toward the chair where he forced her to sit down. Brown was immediately at the table opening a suitcase displaying different instruments of torture. Turning her head slightly aside she could see he was busy preparing the needle filling it with some kind pearl-white liquid. For a moment he met her gaze only to answer.

"I believe you are not afraid of the needle." Before she could reply he grabbed her hand but she backed off rising to knock him down.

She had barely moved when she heard a click and looked up freezing in motion. Agent Jones stood before her gun pressed to her forehead. One more move and he would kill her.

"No," was the Smith's reply.

Agent Jones did not move from his stand before her. Smith slowly approached her to stand at her left side.

"Miss Macleod, we can do this the easy way or the hard way, and I am sure you do not want the hard way to begin with. So please stop fighting and allow us to proceed." Cyn turned her head on the side to look at him then slowly dropped her arm down. "Good, I see you are learning fast. Proceed."

Agent Brown found no resistance now as he grabbed her arm and placed it upon the arm of the chair. Thank god that her suit was a sleeveless one so there was no problem. The sleeve of her trench coat was pulled away from her arm freeing it. Meeting her gaze one more time he nodded to Jones who backed off returning to his seat.

She felt his fingers upon her arm. She hoped that they would be cold but somehow they were warm and soft like in any human. It only lasted a moment then she let out a small gasp as the needle went into her skin. A moment later the cold liquid entered in her body and the Agent let go of her hand allowing it fall back to her lap.

"How much longer?"

"Five minutes."

"It is too long." Smith moved closer to her standing before her. " Can you hear me, Cyn?"

Slowly she looked up facing him in the silence trying to focus. The drug was taking a hold of her fast and she tried to maintain her control and posture but she was loosing the battle.

"Let us begin shall we?" He was actually smirking at her misery." Name?



"Second-in-command of the ship Vulcan."


"Classified." was her reply.

"Do not make me angry Miss Macleod."

"My name is Cyn."

Smith knew this was going nowhere. He squeezed his fist in anger then focused his attention on the other two Agents.

"Leave me with her." the Agents looked at each other." Now."

There was movement as they walked, the door opened and then closed again. Smith pulled up a spare chair and took a seat before her. Removing his sunglasses and pulling the earphone out he looked at her with a slight anger and disgust.

"Why are you doing this? Why are you so stubborn?"

There was no reply, she simply stared at him. Her eyes were slowly loosing focus.

"I hate you," was what they were telling him.

"Lets try this again, shall we? Mission?"


"I am loosing the patience, Miss Macleod."

"Go ahead Smith, kill me if you must but you will never find out what you seek. The information dies with me."

"I do believe that you do not deserve the luxury of the death yet. We can go on like this for the whole day, I am in no rush. One more time, what is it your mission here?"

"Classified." that was enough for Smith.

Unable to control his anger he grabbed her face in his hands so easy to crush it. He gazed into her eyes.

"You will tell me this or you will never see your beloved crew members ever again!"

The alarm screamed at the monitor above Cyn's chair.  Aries jumped from his seat rushing to her side immediately to check her vital statistics. She was going into a state of the shock.

"Damn it!"

Hades rushed to the main deck hearing the alarm.

"What is it going on?" then he looked at the waves on the screen above Cyn's head.

"They are breaking into her mind. She won't last long. Get her out from there!"

"There is it not much time, she is breaking down." Hades spoke. " Send me in."

Leo grabbed the captain's hand.

"You are not going alone."

Angel, Jade and Blaze also approached. " If you are getting her out you are not going to handle the Agents alone."

Hades nodded. He had no other choice.

"Aries, load up."

"Aye, Sir."


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