Deirty Hugo
The Taste of Sine by Kirina Pt. 5

CH:5- Problem Is The Choice

She could not fight it. Her brain was opening up, she could not hold onto her secrets any longer. Staring back at Smith who was sitting causally in front of her she knew she was loosing this fight. The words slipped from her lips:
"Because I wanted it to. You are too valuable for me to let you go. I had watched you before you were unplugged. I lost you then to Hades but this time it will not happen. I need you. I need a human to teach me the emotions of your race. I am ready to turn you into my assistant to work for me."
Cyn was taken aback by these words. She could not believe it. What if he was cheating? She was holding one last card upon her sleeve along with the hope that the others would find her before it was too late.
"And if I accept your offer, how would I know that you won't turn against me and kill me?"
"That depends if you break the deal and betray me. Just like you did 5 years ago."
"You forced me to run away from you. You had scared me. I had nowhere else to run and no one else to trust."
"And yet you had trusted Hades and the pitiful resistance." The words hit her like a slap across her face. " You could have had everything here that you desired if youd accepted my offer, but you did not."
"Because you and I know this is it not real. This is the Matrix the computer stimulation of reality."
"Everyone eventually returns here."
"Not everyone."
"And it seems that the problem is the choice on the end."
"You can say that."
Leaning closer to her he whispered in an almost human way:
"I am going to ask you one last time. Codes. Now."
This time she could fight no longer. Slowly she began to give away the numbers. He moved closer so that he could hear her. He didnt see her movement and in the next moment she jammed a knife into him where his heart was supposed to be. The Agent faded away in the mercury light leaving a security guard dead at her feet. Strange the Agents had thought that she had no weapons no one seemed to check on her before they started their work on her.
"You really think you can control me, Smith. " Cyn muttered and grabbed her trench coat reaching for the cell phone.
"Aries, get me an exit."
"Cyn, God damn it woman! Do know the hell you have put through the crew and me?"
"Enough of the chat, Aries. Get me an exit."
"It will be ready for you. Subway station, three blocks from here"
Just as she hung up Aries called Hades immediately. Hades answered the phone.
"Cyn has just called. She is getting out on her own. You should meet her at the subway station, three blocks from here."
"Good, we will be there." with that he hung up and turned to the others. " Lets go."
A moment she was gone, the Agents reappeared in the room. Smith had also just returned and finding her gone was very angry.
"She got out." Brown replied.
"It seems that the drug did not work." Jones answered adding more fire.
"Why did you not just kill her?" Brown asked.
"No I do not believe she deserves that luxury yet." Pressing a hand at the earphone he listened for a moment." She is at the subway station three blocks from here. I won't let her escape not this time. Lets go."
Cyn raced down the steps and heard the familiar ringing of the phone. The place was empty no sound of the train coming. Around her the homeless people were sitting or sleeping in the dark corners of the subway station. As she descended down the steps, she saw a blind man sitting at the end. She slipped some spare change into his hat and kept moving. She spoke to no one. Soon she would be out of here. She raced toward the phone booth.
Hearing the sudden approach of footsteps she hid herself in the shadows. She waited there ready to fight. She knew that the Agents were looking out for her. Cyn jumped out ready to strike at the approaching person only to find herself face to face with Hades.
"Are you really gonna kill me, Cyn?"
"Damn it, Hades! I thought you were an Agent."
"You do not want to see them coming. You and I will have one hell of talk once we are back on board the ship." they rushed toward the phone booth and one by one exited the Matrix.
Cyn was the last one to see the Agent coming. She could see his gun and Smiths angry face as he approached her fast.  Pressing her ear to the phone receiver she looked back at him before dropping something to the ground.
*Not this time, Smith.* She thought * We both know that the problem is the choice.* and with that she was gone.
Smith watched as she faded away from his sight then approached the phone booth. There he saw something that she had dropped. It glimmered in the dark. Picking it up he noticed it was a chain with a very unusual pendant made of silver. The pendant was made of three loops tied together set in the circle. For a moment he was sure she was leaving him a clue that they would meet again.


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