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The Taste Of Sin by Kirina Pt. 6

CH:6- The Taste Of Forbidden

A week slipped away before she was allowed again to go on a mission alone. This time she sent a note to Agent Smith wanting to meet him. Smith had no objection at all. The date had been set and she was now ready.

When Smith met her she was not wearing black leather, seen as the favourite colour of the rebel, but a beautiful peach coloured silk dress with tiny straps and no sleeves. Her carrot-gold hair was tied in a loose braid and her eyes were uncovered. She wore a pair of gold sandals. She could easily pass for human here. No one seemed to know that she was a dangerous rebel.

"I see you have finally managed to read the signs, Smith." She actually smiled back at him." Very good."

"I am surprised you decided to show yourself again, Miss Macleod after the hell you put me through when you escaped."

"My name is Cyn, remember." She answered coldly. "Enough of the evil for today. Try to act normal for once Smith."

"What you mean?"

"Loose the authority. Enjoy the beauty around yourself." Smith gave her a dirty look. She stepped closer, Smith allowed her to remove his sunglasses, and she gazed into the chilly depths of his icy blue eyes.

"For once act human, Smith." She reached to place her hand on his arm she was so close to him now.

For once the Agent let his guard down, allowing her to invade his personal space and touch him. He enjoyed the feeling of her hand upon his arm.

They began to walk around slowly and the people who passed them thought that they were nothing more than another couple in love. Reaching the park they kept walking, she saw a man who was selling ice cream. Perfect, she could use it to break the ice around Smith. Approaching the man she bought a vanilla ice cream. Agent Smith watched her every move.

Taking a lick of the ice cream she said to Smith

" Do you want to taste it?"

She was enjoying the ice cream since the vanilla was her favourite flavour.

"I do not eat." He replied

"Come one, one lick. It won't kill you." Cyn moved the ice cream to his lips and waited.

Smith waited for a moment then slowly touched the white substance with his tongue. Cyn froze. There was something very erotic in the way he licked the ice cream. It only lasted a moment. For the Agent the substance was cool to the touch, quite refreshing and sweet.

"What do you call this?"

"Ice cream. See it did not poison you. Do you want more?"

"No thank you."

"Well suit yourself." She approached a bench and sat down.

Smith followed her closely and took a seat next to her.  He watched her eat in silence. He could not stand it when she began to lick her sticky fingers. Taking her hand he forced her to turn around to face him as he moved slowly forward. His kiss this time was more demanding and fuelled by the passion they both felt.

"Do you know what this is means?" She asked him softly as he held her.

"What?" he whispered his chin was touching the top of her forehead.

" We are about to commit the crime of the century. We have broken all rules. We are an enemies and yet we allowed ourselves a simple luxury."

"And what luxury is that?"

"To the taste the sin of forbidden love."


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