Deirty Hugo


Welcome fellow Deirty Girls. What is a Deirty Girl you ask? In The Matrix Revisited, Hugo described Agent Smith's fight with Morpheus in the old bathroom. With Hugo's accent it sounded like "deir-ty".  Tanathir took this and turned it into the Deirty Girls.To tell the truth, no one can simply be told what a Deirty girl truely is. One has to experiance it for ones self.
A true Deirty Girl must be able to take a harmless statement and turn it into a deirty thought. She may also be a bit perverted. But first and foremost, you must LOVE Hugo Weaving.
The biggest object held in high recognition is the grape. There is a story behind it, which you can read on the Aussies Without Cossies page.


Well, kick back and soak up all the deliciousness and v, v deirtyness that Hugo emittes
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